Pool Equipment Repair in Dallas

A swimming pool is a significant investment in your property. In order to protect that investment, you will want to keep your pool in tip-top condition. One of the best ways to do that is to maintain the pool equipment. Keep your pool equipment in good shape by following these tips.

Maintaining the pool pump

There is very little work involved in maintaining the pool pump. Regularly, maybe weekly, clean out the strainer basket. While you are doing that, check the gaskets and rings for wear and tear, for drying, and for leaks. Any time you find a leak in the pool pump, contact your professional pool service team.

 Maintaining the pool filter

The pool filter, whether cartridge, sand, or DE, does require regular maintenance. Cleaning the filter helps keep the pool water clean and clear. How frequently you clean the filter will depend on the type of filter you have. Remember, though, that a slightly dirty filter actually works better than a super clean one.

Maintaining the pool heater

The pool heater requires the least maintenance from the pool owner. Schedule an annual appointment with your pool service specialist to ensure consistent results from the pool heater.

Maintaining the pool lights

Every once in a while, take a quick trip around the light perimeter. Gently tap each light fixture to make sure that it is solidly set in the niche. If the light shakes or wiggles in its niche, simply tighten the single screw (usually a Phillips-head) at the top of the fixture.

Changing the bulb is a fairly easy fix, as well, but if you are unsure about working with the electric appliance, please call your pool service technicians.

When to Repair Your Pool Equipment

Sometimes, regardless of regular maintenance, things break. Even the best quality pool equipment is subject to wear and tear over time.

Any time your pool pump makes a noise, a humming or vibrating sound, you should call for a repair. If the pool water is looking murky even after you’ve cleaned the filters, you should call for a repair.

Call your Dallas pool service and repair professional if your pool filter is no longer getting the water as clear as you would like, or if it begins to contribute to the vibrations in the pump.

The pool heater, especially a gas heater, can be a dangerous piece of pool equipment if it malfunctions or breaks. When the heater is not working as it should, contact your professional pool service team.

Common Pool Equipment Repair Questions from Dallas Pool Owners

How do I know when to call for help with pool equipment repair?

If you think you need to call for pool equipment repair, then you probably do. Trust your instincts. When in doubt, call someone who knows and is trained to repair pool equipment.

Who should I call for pool equipment repair in Dallas?

Check with Verified Local Pros for referrals to quality pool professionals.

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