The Verified Local Pros Service Quality Guarantee

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Should you have a Service Quality issue with your Verified Project, we will work to resolve the issue with you and the contractor.

Overview of Terms & Conditions

  1. Our Service Quality Guarantee covers up to $2000 of labor on work completed by a Verified Local Pro company.
  2. Our guarantee,

    - Is to assist with Service Quality Issues, such as:

    Example: A Service Quality issue occurs when a Verified Local Pros customer makes a Qualified Purchase for up to 20 windows to be cleaned. The service provider only cleaned 15 windows (i.e., failed to meet minimum requirements of the offer described in the Qualified Services).

    Example: A Verified Local Pro customer made a Qualified Purchase in which service provider was to install a sprinkler system, the quality of installation was poor leaving areas of the yard not getting water  (i.e., failed to meet customers reasonable quality standards).

    - Is Not for non-Service Quality Issues, such as:

    Example: A service provider’s slow responsiveness, late start time or difficulty in scheduling are not elements of service quality satisfaction. A Verified Local Pro customer dissatisfied with these performance elements are encouraged to submit a member review evaluating these elements for such service provider.

    Example: Dissatisfaction with pricing of Qualified Services is not an element of service quality.

    - Is Not Insurance.

    - Is Not transferable.

    - Is Not for additional (or upgraded) services purchased directly from the service provider (not via Verified Local Pros).

  3. To qualify, you must:
    1. Contact the company via Verified Local Pros guidebook, website or mobile app.
    2. Sign-up (see below) for the Verified Local Pro Service Quality Guarantee. 
    3. File a guarantee claim (see below) within 30 days of the last date of service.
    4. Allow the company that was hired and doing the work to resolve the issue.
    5. Do not pursue other methods of mediation or reparation with the company
    6. For complete Terms & Conditions, visit Complete Terms & Conditions
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