Homeowner Top Tips

Too Good To Be True

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some contractors promise unbelievable low prices or super-fast turnarounds, only to disappoint homeowners in the long run. Yes, there are great deals to be had, but there are some promises that should raise big flags. If you’re questioning price, consider getting bids from at least three contractors, so you know you’re getting a fair price.

Read the fine print

The devil is in the details, and never does that ring truer than when you’re reviewing a contract. Whether it’s for a one-time service or a six-month renovation, make sure you know exactly what to expect. Be sure you and the contractor both sign the contract and that it includes a termination clause, should things go astray.

Payment Schedule

Define a payment schedule that works for both you and the contractor. Do not pay a company in full until the work is done to your satisfaction. Discuss a payment schedule for your contractor, such as paying one-third of the project’s cost when they begin work, one-third midway through the project and the final third when it’s complete.

Know your rights

If you’ve hired a contractor who abandons the job or performs shoddy work, be sure you know your options for recourse. And never sign a document that prevents you from reviewing a company or service professional.

Do your research

Before hiring any contractor, get multiple bids, vet them and their subcontractors by checking references, and cverify licensing and insurance.

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