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Dallas Arbor Care Tree Service, Frisco

Dallas Arbor Care offers quality tree services to residential customers including removal, trimming, stump removal, limb removal, bracing, cabling, planting, root barriers & sales. The company provides emergency tree services.

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Common Tree Issues In Frisco


Leaning Trees in Frisco

Occasionally, trees will begin to lean. These trees can be dangerous if there is a storm, since they could be inclined to fall.


Raised Earth Around Bottom of Tree in Frisco

If the earth around the base of a tree has broken or is raised, it may be a forewarning that the tree is beginning to uproot, and could fall during a storm. 


Missing Bark in Frisco

If there are large areas of your tree missing bark, you may have a sick tree. Have your tree inspected to avoid insect infestations from the exposed wood.


Beetles in Frisco

Beetles can bore into the bark of a tree, lay their eggs, and deposit fungus to feed their young which can contribute to the decay of a tree. 


Fungus Or Mushrooms in Frisco

If there are mushrooms or fungus growing on your tree, it may be a forewarning that it may be decaying. However, if you spot this problem quickly and get a professional to take care of it, your tree can be saved.


Dead Trees in Frisco

If you have a dead tree, have it removed as soon as possible. A dead tree is hazardous and could be dangerous to people or property if it fell. 


Dead Branches in  Frisco

Not only are dead branches unsightly, but they could cause damage.


Points To Keep In Mind in Frisco

Landscaping and Tree Toppings in Frisco

Be aware that landscaping and tree topping can have harmful effects on yours trees. During landscaping, adding soil on top of a tree’s roots can suffocate it, since trees breath through their roots. As for tree topping, or cutting off the top of the tree, this is not recommended since the procedure can kill a tree. Instead, consider crown reduction since it is less harmful to the tree.


Climbing Spikes in Frisco

Climbing spikes are harmful to tree bark and should not be used on trees you are trying to save.


Permits And Regulations in Frisco

Check to see if your city or county requires any regulations or permits regarding tree removal.


Payment in  Frisco

Withhold payment until cleanup is complete. This motivates the tree service to complete the job.


Liability in Frisco

Liability can be significant. If you feel that your neighbor’s tree could harm your property, consider obtaining a certified letter requesting the tree be removed. 

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