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Clogs in Default

If you suspect that your drain may be clogged, stop using that appliance until you understand the situation. See if the problem can be solved with cleaning. If not, consider contacting a professional


Grease Clogs in Default

Grease clogs usually occur in drain pipe that connects from toilet to the kitchen sink. Grease can be difficult to remove, so you may need to replace the pipe altogether.


Main Sewer Line Clogs in Default

Main sewer line clogs are usually clogged by tree roots invading the pipes through a section, a joint, or a broken seal. You might need to remove all tree parts from the line, which can be expensive. However, if the tree roots grow back, consider replacing the line.


Toilet Clogs in Default

For the most part, toilet clogs can be solved with a plunger, but if the clog proves to be too difficult, you might need a professional to come in with an auger.


Toilet Does Not Flush in Default

If your toilet will not flush, check the handle chain. If it is disconnected, this is the cause of the problem. To fix this, reconnect the chain to handle arm, but be aware that it involves putting your hand in the tank.


Free-Flowing in Default

If the water in your toilet is continuously running, your flapper or tank may not be set properly. To fix this, try moving the tank handle with a reset flapper or tank ball. If the problem persists, the flapper, tank ball, or even another mechanism may be either broken or in need of adjustment.


Self-Flushing Just Refills in Default

If your toilet is not flushing but simply refilling, try replacing the tank ball or flapper


Miscellaneous in Default



Faucet Drips in Default

If your facet drips continuously, inspect your system for signs of wear. Most likely your facet is just older and may need to be replace. Other causes for dripping faucets include too much water pressure and poor water quality.


Water Heaters in Default

If you are having difficulty with your water heater, it might not be properly installed and may need to be replaced. Hire a professional, since this can be a hazardous task. Before they can give you a realistic estimate, a technician will need to see your heater. Also make sure the technician brings your water heater up to current building codes.

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