Pool Companies in Dallas

Finding a company to build, service, maintain, and clean your pool can be a challenge. Not all pool companies offer all of these services, but that’s okay because you don’t need all of these services from one pool company.

Once your pool is installed you can hire a pool company to do the service, maintenance, and cleaning. Here are three reasons why finding the pool company to meet the needs of your family is a crucial part of pool ownership.

Your pool is a big investment

You may have paid more for your pool than you did for your car (okay, maybe not, but it is close). You probably have your car maintained and serviced by a professional mechanic; you should offer the same consideration for your pool. After all, you will probably have your pool longer than you have the car.

Pool companies have all the right equipment and products

We’ve all done it. Thought we had the right tool for the job, only to find that we need a wrench just a smidge bigger. A professional pool company will have the right tools and the right people for the job. Saving you the frustration of finding that the chemical you bought last month is not the right blend for your pool.

Time is Money

Cleaning, maintaining, and servicing your pool is a time-consuming venture.  If you don’t have time to check the filters one week, you may end up having to replace them the next week. You probably didn’t install a pool to spend more time skimming it than swimming in it.

By the time you invest in chemicals, tools, safety gloves and goggles, and the hours of time to do the job, you may find that you actually save money by hiring a pool company.

Finding the right pool company for you

Much like finding the right mechanic for your car, you find the right pool company in several ways.

Ask around. Ask your friends and neighbors who they recommend. Look on the BBB website for pool companies with good ratings. Check out Verified Local Pros.

Meet with the company representative. Ask about company policies: do employees wear uniforms? Do they take their lunch break on your property? Do employees expect tips? If you aren’t comfortable with the people who will be working on your pool, you should find a different company.

Get a contract. Once you’ve found a pool company to help you protect your investment, sign a contract for services. Contracts should clearly state the responsibilities of the pool company and the pool owner, should specify payment arrangements, and should detail the expected dates and scope of services.

Common Pool Company Questions from Dallas Pool Owners

Do I have to be home when the pool company comes to do the service?

Your contract should specify if the pool owner needs to be present while the pool is cleaned or maintained.

My boss told me to use ABC company, but one of my neighbors said not to use them. What do I do?

While neighbor and friend recommendations are a great starting place for finding a pool company, you should also do your own homework. Check with the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Verified Local Pros to find the best pool company for your needs. Of course, you should always use your own judgement when it comes to hiring any professional.

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