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Delta Restoration Services of NE Dallas/SE Collin Counties offers flood & water damage restoration, mold damage restoration and environmental testing, smoke & fire damage restoration, contents restoration and hail and storm damage restoration. The company offe ....

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Restoration Services In Hurst


What is Restoration Services? in Hurst

Imagine this:

A fire starts in your kitchen; it quickly flames out of control, and you call the fire department. The fire trucks arrive and save your home. Sadly, that’s not the end of the story. Now your whole house smells of smoke, soot lines the walls in all the first-floor rooms, and there is water seeping from the kitchen into the carpets, floors, and basement. This is when you call on a restoration service company.

When your home and/or belongings are damaged by storm, mold, fire or water, you will want to call on a restoration service. Restoration services focus on restoring your home to its pre-disaster state. 

Restoration services use specialized equipment and know-how to remove the smoke, soot, mold, or water that remains in your home after the initial calamity. 


Fire Damage in  Hurst

Fire damage will most likely include water damage, from the efforts of the fire department to save your home. Restoration specialists know how to deal with damage from the flames, from the smoke, and from the water.

Restoration after a fire is more than cleaning. Because of the heat from a fire, toxic gases may have been released into your home; sometimes even the ash or burnt remains can be toxic. It can be quite dangerous to try to handle the clean-up and restoration after a fire on you own.

Reminder: never enter a burnt building, even if it looks safe, until it has been inspected and released by a fire marshal. Besides structural damage that might make the home unsafe, smoldering embers may erupt into flames. 


Smoke Damage in Hurst

Smoke damage is both visible and invisible. Of course, we can see the soot and ash that remain after a fire, but smoke can seep into walls and penetrate the very fibers of the walls and furnishings. Even when the visible residue is gone, the smell of smoke may linger.

Restoration service specialists are experts at locating and removing the soot and the smoke smell from homes and offices.


Water Damage in Hurst

Water damage can occur as a result of fire, flooding, and storms. Flooding can be caused by mother nature or by a broken drain line. Whatever the cause of water damage to your home, you will want to call upon a professional restoration service to clean and dry your home.

Experts at restoration after water damage will know how to remove the water, clean up the mess left behind, and dry the area to prevent mold from growing and developing into a potentially life-threatening problem.

Most restoration services will not only remove water- damaged materials, like drywall and carpet, but also reinstall the new undamaged materials.

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