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JRC Associates offers complete landscaping services for residential and commercial customers, including landscape installation, tree trimming and removal, commercial lawn maintenance, landscape lighting, hardscapes, concrete and rock work.

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Landscaping in Highland Village

Landscaping refers to any changes you make to the natural landscape of the land around your home. This can include plants, shrubs, rock features, and water features, to name a few.


Landscape Design in  Highland Village

Anytime you create a plan to change the natural landscape, you are creating a landscape design. Landscape design changes the natural features of a piece of land and includes artistic elements, aesthetic elements, and environmental elements.

Landscape designers consider the local culture, the climate, and indigenous plants as they create a design to meet the desires of the landowner. For example, a homeowner in Wisconsin would not use palm trees in their landscape design because palm trees will not thrive in that climate nor do those trees fit with the culture of the area.


Landscape Installation in Highland Village

Landscape installation is typically done in the early spring or in the fall. Installation can mean everything from planting perennial flowers or shrubs to installing a koi pond to building an outdoor hearth and patio.

Some landscape installations are easily completed by the individual homeowner; changing flowers in an existing flowerbed or adding mulch around the trees are both easily done by the homeowner.

Other installations require professional completion; for example, a water feature, such as a fountain, should be installed by a professional.


Types of Bedding in Highland Village

Bedding, in landscaping, refers to flower beds designed to keep color in your yard all year long. Selecting the types of bedding and the plants to use will depend

on your intent. Do you want a colorful flower bed? Annuals and perennials can provide colorful beds from year to year or even season to season.

Succulent beds, containing plants like cacti and aloe, are growing in popularity, especially in dry climates. Blooming cacti can provide color to these beds for some parts of the year.

Mixed landscape designs can incorporate a variety of bedding to suit almost any desire.


Types of Grass in Highland Village

When we talk about landscaping, grass is more than the green lawns seen on golf courses.

Landscaping grasses are ornamental. They can be incorporated into beds and lawns, can provide borders for paths and driveways, and can make your property more water efficient.

Some of the most popular ornamental grasses are pampas grass, fountaingrass, and fragrant lemongrass.

Successful lawn grasses should be those grasses that grow well in your climate; indigenous plants are best. Two grasses that do well in most climates are Bermuda grass and centipede grass.


Trees & Shrubs in Highland Village

Like bedding and grasses, trees and shrubs can be both decorative and functional.

Flowering shrubs can be planted along the perimeter or property lines to provide beautiful blooms in the spring and privacy all year long.

Trees, too, can create a privacy barrier, though it takes a much longer time for them to grow to full size.

Successful landscape planning of trees and shrubs must consider the climate and the amount of water and sun available in the area. 

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