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Welborn Garage Doors specializes in residential and commercial service and installation of garage doors and gates. The company provides 24 hour emergency service in addition to repairing, maintaining, and installing all makes and models of garage doors and ope ....

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Garage Door Installation and Repair in Flower Mound

Installing and repairing the garage door of your Flower Mound home is a job that you might, with the help of some friends, be able to accomplish on your own. The materials are large and heavy, and therefore dangerous. It might be best to hire a good reliable garage door expert in Flower Mound, Texas, to do the job for you.

Garage Door Spring Installation and Repair in Flower Mound

The Flower Mound garage door spring is under a great deal of tension as part of its job. The tension is so intense that if the spring gets loose, it has enough power to break bones. Ideally, a garage door spring installation expert in Flower Mound will be able to install or repair a garage door spring without risk of injury.

Working with the Flower Mound garage door spring requires very specific torsion rod tools. Garage door installation and repair experts will come equipped with these tools.  

Repairing and installing any part of the Flower Mound garage door poses a variety of risks, but the garage door spring is the greatest danger. The power the Flower Mound garage door spring holds in potential is incredible; some experts suggest the torque and tension of the spring is enough to fling a rod through a concrete wall. 

Take every possible precaution when dealing with Flower Mound garage door spring repair and installation by contacting a reputable company in Flower Mound, TX.

Garage Door Opener Repair in Flower Mound

Your Flower Mound garage door opener repair starts with checking the batteries in the remotes. Like any remote controlled device, the garage door opener will not respond to a weak or no signal coming from the remote. 

The first step in Garage Door Opener Repair in Flower Mound is to checked and change the batteries in the remote.  The second step in Garage Door Opener Repair in Flower Mound is to check is the safety sensors. Is there something interfering with the sensor signal beam? Anything blocking that beam will disengage the Flower Mound garage door opener as a safety measure.

The Flower Mound  garage door opener sensor may have been bumped or knocked off center, so the beam isn’t reaching the opposite sensor. In this case, too, the Flower Mound garage door opener will disengage.

Next, if the Flower Mound garage door is still not operating, check the plug and the power to the overhead garage door opener. Does it have electricity running to it? 

Finally, check the Flower Mound garage door opener opener itself. Check the track, train, or screw drive and the gears. *Be sure to turn off the power before working with or on the opener in your Flower Mound home. 

Garage Door Opener Installation in Flower Mound

If you have tested the batteries, the sensors, the power, and the pulley system, and you still can’t find the problem with your Flower Mound garage door opener, it is time to call in the Garage Door Opener Installation Experts in Flower Mound

Garage door opener installation in Flower Mound is a dangerous job. Unless you have a high level of experience Flower Mound with electrical devices and wiring, can left a very heavy object over your head for an extended period of time, and have the right tools, it is not a Flower Mound job for you to do yourself.

Contact a reliable company in Flower Mound, TX, to inspect, repair, or install a new garage door opener.

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