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Pest & Termite Control Consumer Tips In Default


Pest & Termite Control: Hiring a Company in Default

A reputable pest control service will not only eliminate the problem but also make sure that your home is protected from any further intrusions. In order to make sure the pest control service you are considering is reputable and uses their chemicals properly, make sure that they are registered. 


Pest Control in Default

Pest control usually involves treating your home, not the yard, with pesticides. However, some companies will treat your yard for an additional fee. 


Nuisance Wildlife in Default

Rodents  in Default

Squirrels may invade unprotected attics by entering small holes or gnawing their way through. To get rid of squirrels, move them 5 miles away, sanitize the area, and repair and fortify your attic. Mice and rats live in groups, so if you spot one, there’s likely many more in your home. Mice and rats can be dangerous since they can gnaw through electrical wire, which becomes a fire hazard. Do not use poisons since decaying rats can cause smells for weeks. Instead, trap them, remove them from your house, and fortify your home by eliminating all gaps larger than one-half inch. 


Stinging Insects in Default

In order to get rid of bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, a technician will usually treat nests or infested areas with chemicals to remove the queen and workers. Once this is done, the technician will remove the nest or honeycomb. 


Termite Control in Default

Bait System in Default

The bait system consists of setting up termite bait around the house, waiting for termites to find the bait wood, and then replacing the bait wood with an active ingredient. This will destroy or significantly reduce the termite colony. This system can be tricky, since the success hinges on the termites finding the bait before finding and damaging the home.


Barrier System in Default

The traditional barrier system places chemical barriers in the soil by all of your home’s entrances as well as termite repellent around your home’s foundation. In order to apply the system to all application points, technicians will drill into the foundation. Be sure to apply these every few years for the best protection. 

The non-repelling barrier system is similar to the traditional barrier system, but instead of using repellent, this system uses another active ingredient that the termite cannot detect. As a result, the termite takes the ingredient back to the colony reducing the termite population. Be sure to have the chemicals and areas where those chemicals will be applied detailed

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